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nueva cancion de teenages!!




clean your room that your breast comes and you can punish, for being teenagers opens your mind until arriving at templete, lives the best life, your you are teenagers and live in a incuerente life since your menete this inconciente lives thus better. since step all already sides all the incuerentes wars but since the president this in another mind and commands to adolecentes. teenagers better watches the serious world with a president, not abria wars and but deaths of teenagers I DID NOT GIVE NOT the DEATH! either learned the lesson or you can march no longer I commit but crimes or if there are but no wars between teenagers and but deaths of teenagers.




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TALVEZ USTEDES NO  le entiendan o talvez si no se aver si les gusta ok

pongan sus comentarios plis=}
betosan2 jhsl 08/06/2007 a las 03:00
my chemical romance me encanta yo soy de chile y soy super fanatica aparte que son muy lindos
txni txni 07/08/2007 a las 23:27

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